Our Teachers

Our teachers do so much more than deliver curriculum. They are the driving force behind the fulfillment of the Flightline Academy mission. In addition to educating our scholars, they are mentors who shape the lives of the next generation of leaders. Because we want to ensure that their time on our campus improves their lives, our teachers are carefully selected staff members who share our enthusiasm towards lifelong learning—for themselves and their students.

Our teachers are dedicated and focused on individualizing learning for each scholar through rigorous arts infused instruction. They engage in 160 hours of professional development throughout the year. This includes whole group training as well as coaching sessions focused on individual educator growth. Our teachers and instructional support staff understand the developmental levels of scholars, and provide intense support to help our scholars develop the skills they need socially and emotionally in addition to academically.


Tyler Button

8th Grade

Shauntai Leonard ELA

Shauntai Leonard


Kari Moore ELA

Kari Moore

7th Grade

Jill Murders Math

Jill Murders

6th Grade

Krystal Rowlett Social Studies

Krystal Rowlett

7th Grade

Makyla Sandoval Science

Makyla Sandoval

8th Grade

Lonnie Strange Social Studies & Science

Lonnie Strange

5th Grade

Effie Adkins Full Time Sub

Effie Adkins

6th Grade